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Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs home is for sale

As reported in The Daily Mail, the spaceship shaped house located in Palm Springs where Elvis and Priscilla Presley honeymooned, has been listed for sale at $5.6 Million. Located in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood at 1350 Ladera Cir, Palm Springs, CA 92262 comes in at 4,695 square feet featuring 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms was rented out by the acclaimed singer for $21,000 back in 1967.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon House Palm Springs

Designed by William Krisel in 1960, the home was far ahead of its time, and its futuristic design (it resembles a spaceship from the outside) and modern advancements (including vacuum ports, an indoor kitchen grill, and wall-mounted radios) resulted in it being nicknamed The House of Tomorrow by Look Magazine in 1962.

From Zillow, The Alexander Home 1960 – William Krisel engineer. This was the custom family home worked for Robert and Helene Alexander of the popular Alexander development organization. Look magazine visited in 1962 for a look into the cutting edge plan proclaiming it the Place Of Tomorrow, catching a rich couple and their young little girl carrying on with their best resides in the fabulously current home. The spaceship-like unique winged rooftop line covers four round cases with the focal point of the house spreading out from the emotional ventured cascade. The section way through cut wood twofold level passage entryways ushers you to an indented party cushion of precise stacked stoned walls, glass, and a low-thrown bended upholstered dinner embracing a modern steel recepticle molded chimney hood and drifting hearth. A raised feasting stage unfurls flawlessly through a mass of glass to the far reaching outside terracing, pool, and stunning mountain sees. The neighboring kitchen proceeds with the roundabout subject with a round place island highlighting a twin of the parlor chimney hood, and an open idea plan to a comfortable family room with a sweeping stone wall and chimney simply moves back from bountiful poolside relaxing and covered feasting region under the profound cantilevered rooftop. Not to be outperformed, a sumptuous essential suite is reached by means of a fabulous flight of stairs to a confidential glassed roost highlighting all encompassing perspectives. A liberal changing area/washroom is disguised by unique implicit closet wardrobes revolved around a round tub, and a cozy overhang is open taking into consideration a discrete perception deck. A room wing finishes the inside unit succession and is reached through a long corridor to clothing and a shielded garage. All rooms, three lower and one upper, are en-suite, two sharing an outside porch. An insightful redesign with reestablished unique compositional subtleties of stone and poured terrazzo floors, taking the house back to it’s unique purpose and getting a Class-One memorable assignment. This famous house is in the Vista Las Palmas area and is the biggest Alexander-assembled home with the biggest pool and best parcel. You can’t beat this. Elvis Presley commended his special first night here in 1967 giving it one of it’s name’s, “Elvis Wedding trip Hideaway”… Preceding review the property, any potential purchaser should be qualified with verification of assets or letter of capability by known monetary establishment.

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