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Barry Manilow’s A Gift Of Love VI: A Heartwarming Holiday Concert at McCallum Theatre


As the holiday season approaches, the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert is set to host a spectacular event that promises to fill hearts with joy and the spirit of giving. Barry Manilow, the legendary singer-songwriter, will grace the stage with his much-anticipated concert series, “A Gift Of Love VI.” This series of five special Christmas concerts, running from December 12 to December 17, 2023, is not just a musical extravaganza but also a charitable endeavor that supports 20 special charities.

Barry Manilow McCallum Theatre 2023
Barry Manilow McCallum Theatre 2023

A Tradition of Giving Back

Moreover, Barry Manilow’s A Gift Of Love concerts have become a cherished tradition, known for their festive atmosphere and philanthropic nature. Over the years, these concerts have raised significant funds for local charities, and this year’s edition continues that noble legacy. The proceeds from the concerts will directly benefit a diverse group of organizations, ensuring that the joy of the season reaches far and wide.

An Unforgettable Musical Journey

Furthermore, attendees of A Gift Of Love VI can expect an unforgettable evening with Barry Manilow, who has captivated audiences worldwide with his timeless hits and heartfelt performances. The setlist is anticipated to be a blend of Manilow’s classic tunes and holiday favorites, creating a perfect soundtrack for the season. With his exceptional talent and charisma, Manilow is sure to deliver a performance that resonates with fans of all ages.

The Venue: McCallum Theatre

The McCallum Theatre, renowned for its intimate setting and excellent acoustics, provides the ideal backdrop for A Gift Of Love VI. Located in the heart of Palm Desert, the theatre is a cultural landmark that consistently presents a wide range of high-quality performances. Its commitment to the arts makes it the perfect partner for an event that celebrates music and community service.

Ticket Information and Availability

Tickets for Barry Manilow’s A Gift Of Love VI are available exclusively through the McCallum Theatre’s ticket fulfillment service, Interested patrons are encouraged to secure their seats promptly, as these concerts are known to sell out quickly. For ticket purchases and additional information, please visit the official McCallum Theatre website.

A Night to Remember

As the date draws near, anticipation builds for what promises to be a night to remember. Barry Manilow’s A Gift Of Love VI is more than just a concert; it’s an opportunity for the community to come together in the spirit of the holidays and make a difference. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Manilow or simply looking for a meaningful way to celebrate the season, this event is not to be missed.

In conclusion, Barry Manilow’s A Gift Of Love VI at the McCallum Theatre is a highlight of the holiday season, offering an enchanting blend of music and charity. It’s a testament to the power of art to inspire and bring people together for a common cause. As we countdown to December 13, 2023, let’s prepare to be part of a magical evening that will resonate with love, generosity, and the best of the holiday spirit.


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