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How to Start a NonProfit in California


A Step-by-Step Guide & Additional Resources —>HERE

Congratulations. You’ve got an idea for making the world a better place, and you want to start a nonprofit as the means to do so. The good news is that starting a California nonprofit isn’t that hard to do if you have a sound plan, the right team, and sufficient startup funds.

The bad news is that running a successful nonprofit is not easy. You’ll need to think through how you will bring value to the public, obtain funds, attract staff and/or volunteers, build a board of directors, and comply with the various laws that regulate nonprofits. Your answers to these questions will determine whether you should start a nonprofit or consider alternatives. More on these points later in this article.

Check out the recorded webinar from February 2022 with CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka, where she walks through the major steps and gives advice about boards, finding your first funding, and much more! FREE for Members / $15 for not-yet-members.

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