Everything you need to know about solar energy

    Spring 2016 Science Lecture Series
Catching Rays:
Solar Energy for Today and Tomorrow
6 p.m. Tuesday, May 3

UCR’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences brings us thisFREE event — the fourth and final in our science lecture series,Sustainability in a Time of Rapid Change: The Future of Earth, Life and Humanity.

Did you know that in the space of a few hours, the sun supplies enough energy to the earth to power human civilization for an entire year? Over the last one billion years, a small fraction of this energy has been converted by living organisms into carbon-based fossil fuels. The rapid depletion of this solar energy “savings account” is now leading to a rise in CO2 levels and potentially catastrophic global warming. The challenge for today’s society is to harness the effectively limitless energy coming from the sun so that it can be used by humans in a sustainable manner.

In this talk, UCR Professor Christopher Bardeen will give an overview of how light (photons) coming from the sun can be converted to electrical energy. The current status of photovoltaic solar energy conversion systems will be reviewed, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and cost. We will discuss new approaches to raise photovoltaic efficiencies and lower the overall cost of solar energy, based on scientific discoveries being made at institutions like UC Riverside.

You will leave this lecture smarter and brighter!