Welcome to Palm Desert,California, the diamond in the desert! Offering more than 80 championship golf courses, magnificent mountains, fine dining, theaters, galleries, plenty of boutique shopping, and 50 luxurious hotels and resorts, Palm Desert is whatever you’re looking for and a little bit more.

Located in the Coachella Valley area of Riverside County, California, Palm Desert is approximately 12 miles (19 km) east of Palm Springs.

First known as the Old McDonald Ranch, the city’s name was changed to Palm Village in the 1920’s after date palms were planted in the area. Prior to the 1950’s, this area was primarily inhabited by Cahuilla Indian farmers.

Considered little more than a retirement area a little less than a decade ago, Palm Desert is one of California’s fastest growing cities with a population currently totaling 44,000 permanent residents. The city boasts an estimated additional 20,000 seasonal residents because the city serves as a popular retreat for “snowbirds” from colder climates in the United States and Canada.

Recently, the area has begun to attract residents due to the city’s affordable but high-valued real estate prices due to the area’s creative energy and stellar school system.

Palm Desert offers a variety of summer concerts, movies in the park, a grand Fourth of July celebration, rock climbing, swimming, hiking, and virtually every other outdoor activity.

The Civic Park is the envy of surrounding cities by containing volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a popular skate park. Other city parks include Cahuilla Hills Park, Ironwood Park, Magnesia Falls Park, Cook Street Complex, and Palm Desert Soccer Park.

Palm Desert’s Desert Sands Unified School District encompasses 16 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 3 high schools, and 1 continuation school in the area. Not to mention, California State University’s Palm Desert Campus has recently opened and the surrounding Coachella Valley boasts an additional 15 high quality private elementary and high schools.

So, come visit Palm Desert and have some fun in the sun!

Chamber of Commerce 760-346-6111   Employment Development Dpt. 800-300-5616
City of Palm Desert 760-346-0611   Family YMCA of the Desert 760-341-9622
Visitor Information Center 760-568-1441   Joslyn Senior Center 760-340-3220
College of the Desert 760-346-8041   Passport Services 760-416-5655
Community Center 760-568-9697   Palm Desert Public Library 760-346-6552
County Social Services 760-863-7210   Small Business Administration 760-340-6682
DMV Indio 800-777-0133   Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
DMV Palm Springs 800-777-0133   U.S. Postal Service 800-275-8777
Desert Sands Unified Sch. Dist. 760-777-4200
Coachella Valley Water Dist. 760-398-2651   Southern California Edison Co. 800-655-4555
Imperial Irrigation District 760-398-5111   Southern California Gas Co. 800-427-2200
Time Warner Cable 760-340-2225   Verizon Customer Service Ctr. 800-483-4000
Waste Mgmt. of the Desert 760-340-2113    
COMMUNITY SERVICES DIRECTORYChamber of Commerce760-346-6111 Employment Development Dpt.800-300-5616City of Palm Desert760-346-0611 Family YMCA of the Desert760-341-9622Visitor Information Center760-568-1441 Joslyn Senior Center760-340-3220College of the Desert760-346-8041 Passport Services760-416-5655Community Center760-568-9697 Palm Desert Public Library760-346-6552County Social Services760-863-7210 Small Business Administration760-340-6682DMV Indio800-777-0133 Social Security Administration800-772-1213DMV Palm Springs800-777-0133 U.S. Postal Service800-275-8777Desert Sands Unified Sch. Dist.760-777-4200UTILITIESCoachella Valley Water Dist.760-398-2651 Southern California Edison Co.800-655-4555Imperial Irrigation District760-398-5111 Southern California Gas Co.800-427-2200Time Warner Cable760-340-2225 Verizon Customer Service Ctr.800-483-4000Waste Mgmt. of the Desert760-340-2113  
Chamber of Commerce760-346-6111 Employment Development Dpt.800-300-5616
City of Palm Desert760-346-0611 Family YMCA of the Desert760-341-9622
Visitor Information Center760-568-1441 Joslyn Senior Center760-340-3220
College of the Desert760-346-8041 Passport Services760-416-5655
Community Center760-568-9697 Palm Desert Public Library760-346-6552
County Social Services760-863-7210 Small Business Administration760-340-6682
DMV Indio800-777-0133 Social Security Administration800-772-1213
DMV Palm Springs800-777-0133 U.S. Postal Service800-275-8777
Desert Sands Unified Sch. Dist.760-777-4200
Coachella Valley Water Dist.760-398-2651 Southern California Edison Co.800-655-4555
Imperial Irrigation District760-398-5111 Southern California Gas Co.800-427-2200
Time Warner Cable760-340-2225 Verizon Customer Service Ctr.800-483-4000
Waste Mgmt. of the Desert760-340-2113  

Palm Desert Information

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